Norfolk sports one of the most remote postcodes (2899), uses Australian currency, and even has its own Commonwealth Games teams.

You should purchase travel insurance for your Norfolk Island holidays.

Flights … to / from Norfolk Island and Australia are each Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, and New Zealand every Sunday, with Air New Zealand.  To book your airfare go to Air New Zealand.

Climate … is sub-tropical and comfortable all year round. During winter a jumper will be required as temperatures range from 12 to 17 degrees. Summer temperatures range from 18 to 26 degrees. Most rain (which totals 1,350 mm per annum) falls in the winter months, and mild sea breezes are the norm.

Language … English is the most common language. The Norfolk language (called Norf’k), one of the world’s rarest, is also spoken.

Electricity … is standard 3 pin plug, 240 volts, AC 50cycles.

Taxes … Norfolk Island is part of the Australian Federal Tax system, but GST and import duties do not apply.

Shopping hours … Shops are open each weekday (excluding public holidays) except on Wednesday afternoons when they close from 12:30pm.  Most shops open on Saturday mornings until 12:30pm and are then closed for the rest of the weekend.  A few open on Sunday mornings.

Liquor Bond … Present your airline ticket at the Liquor Bond and get 30% off most spirits and liqueurs (up to the duty free allowable limit).

Arrivals and departures … You are met at the airport by tour company representatives.  On leaving please complete a survey on your holiday experience on Norfolk Island.

Public Transport … There is no public transport, although a private taxi service is available. Tour companies provide transfers from the airport to accommodation houses, and hire cars are inexpensive.

Street lights … are almost non-existent, so bring a torch if you intend to walk at night.

Money … is Australian legal tender. Nearly all major credit cards are supported, as is Eftpos at most places. The Commonwealth Bank has an ATM.

Stamps … Australia Post operates on Norfolk Island.

Time … at noon on Norfolk it is 11 am in Sydney and Brisbane (Eastern Standard Time), and 12 noon in Auckland.  There is no daylight saving on Norfolk Island.

Customs … for Norfolk Island holidays, passports are required to gain entry, and for re-entry into your home country. Personal affects are duty free, but fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants or seeds are prohibited, as is pork and some poultry products. You will need to complete quarantine and immigration forms on the aircraft prior to your arrival.