We used to always be asked ‘is there a local beer’? So we came up with a solution!

Norfolk Island Brewing is proud to be the only brewery on our small slice of paradise. We established Norfolk Island Brewing in 2019 with the first beers poured in July 2020.

We brew a range of hand crafted beers and cider which are poured exclusively at Castaway, Norfolk Island Brewing and the Golf Club. Our story came about when visitors from far and wide would ask us in our bar about local beers to the island. This planted the seed to provide people with an answer. We began the process by learning how to brew craft beer commercially before moving onto building and designing the island’s first brewery.

Norfolk Island brewing is located in the Castaway complex and consists of a 300 ltr brewhouse, 4 x 300 ltr uni tanks and 1 x 600 ltr uni tank.

We are proud to have won bronze and silver medals in the IBA Indies Best of Independent Brewing 2021 & 2022.

Our Core Range

Golden Ale 3.5 %
Session Lager 4 %
Pale Ale 5 %


Pacific Red Ale
Munnich Hellas
Secret Blonde

Apple Cider 4.5%
We also offer our cider with our own Guava or passionfruit syrup.